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Pakistanis are the Most Hospitable People ever

The media always portrays Pakistan to be a country full of violence, terrorists and poverty. The economy of Pakistan may not be stable, but the people living in Pakistan are rich by heart. Pakistanis are known to be the most hospitable people. Tourists who have visited Pakistan always get treated so generously by everyone in Pakistan. Once a Pakistani gets to know that you are a guest in their country, they will not let you pay for anything at all. Not only are these people generous, but they are also accommodating. They will guide you at each step on your journey in Pakistan.
Whenever tourists visit Pakistan, they are asked whether they believe what the western media says about their reputation. However, the truth is that if these tourists believed the western media and their false accusations on Pakistan, then they would never have even though of visiting Pakistan yet alone be drinking chai at a local Dhaba with random street vendors.
Drew Binsky visited Pakistan in 2019 and he made a video titled as “Why everything is FREE in Pakistan?”. Please watch the video.

Food and travel blogger, Mark Wiens visited Pakistan and here is what he says about his experience in Pakistan.

We will not say that there is zero percent of violence in Pakistan. Some of the warnings are true, and you should be cautious when visiting some dangerous areas in Pakistan. There are street crimes, pickpocketing, chaos made by the Taliban, etc. but doesn’t every country have a few problems? The crime rate in the western world is also very high. Does it stop people from visiting those countries? No. Then why should people not visit Pakistan? People should not restrict themselves to visiting Pakistan due to its reputation for violence. There is so much more to Pakistan than a bad economy, corrupt politicians and bomb blasts. We will now discuss why Pakistani’s are the most hospitable people and why you should visit Pakistan at least once in your life.
The Pakistani’s are without a doubt the most welcoming and kind people. Unlike people from other countries they will not like the tourists as they want them to leave their country, but they would want the tourists to enjoy their country. They will make sure that as a guest of Pakistan you are having the most fabulous time of your life. They will even invite you over to their home and serve you homemade dishes with love.
Pakistani’s always welcome everyone with open arms. Once you visit Pakistan, you will find out that the stigma attached to Pakistani’s of being terrorists is completely false. Not only are Pakistani’s down to earth people but they also care about everyone around them. You will see that random street vendors whom themselves do not have enough money to run their household will still not let you pay them once they find out that you are a guest of Pakistan. Once a friend of mine visited Pakistan, and the restaurant owner who was a woman did not let him pay a single penny for the food served to home. This is not the only example that shows the hospitability of Pakistani’s. There are so many similar examples where you can see that these wonderful people would leave their work and help you out when you are in trouble.
If you have a budget of $100, then you can easily travel to Pakistan without going broke. Everything in Pakistan from food to traveling costs is cheap. There are rickshaws and buses that any person from the lower class can use to travel from one place to another as their fares are less. Being a tourist, you should take a ride on a rikshaw. A few years back the service of UBER and CAREEM were also introduced in Pakistan which helped the middle class of Pakistan to travel at low fares easily.
One cannot live without food. Pakistan is famous for its mouthwatering spicy desi food. The food here is just incredible! If you are visiting Lahore, then you should visit the Haveli Restaurant in Food Street as they are famous for serving spectacular food with the right amount of flavors. Not only Pakistani’s serve delicious food items, but they are also cheap. You can get a plate of biryani under 100 rupees from any dhaaba situated in Old Lahore. There are so many restaurants in Pakistan which are famous for their fantastic food and ambiance. Karachi is famous for its nihari, KPKP for its Sajji, whereas you can also try the juicy and sweet mangoes of Multan. Oh! Moreover, do not forget to try the great Gol Gappay served here.
You must be aware of the month of Ramadan which is celebrated by Muslims all around the world. It is the month when Muslims fast during the whole month. From the last few years, the month of Ramadan has come in summers. You can imagine how difficult it must be for Muslims to fast while sweat is dripping down their face and they are working under the heat of the scorching sun. However, despite all this, you will not see any violence in Pakistan during the month of Ramadan. People are extra kind and helpful towards each other. People from other religions think that Ramadan is hard for Muslims, but what they do not know is that this is their favorite month in the whole year. During the time of Iftaar and Sahoor, you will witness long tables set with a variety of food items for people to eat who cannot afford to buy food. People from different classes and statuses sit together and enjoy delicious food. This shows how caring these Pakistani’s are.
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