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New e-Visa For Pakistan

Typically visitors of Pakistan are required to obtain a visa to enter Pakistan from the Pakistani diplomatic missions. There are different categories of visas offered by Pakistani missions to people from foreign countries. In recent years, Pakistan had been offering visa on arrival facility to more than 45 countries for individual tourists. However, to expand its tourism, the government of Pakistan decided to set up an electronic visa service which would allow 175 countries to apply for a visa to visit Pakistan from an online portal.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, launched an online visa system on Thursday through a televised speech to promote tourism and business in Pakistan and make it easy for tourists to apply for the visa application from their home. It is reported that Imran Khan said, “This is a first step and reflective of the confidence of the country as it opens its doors for investors, entrepreneurs, tourists, and students; inviting them to come to visit Pakistan.” This news is also posted on the official twitter account of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

Imran Khan also said while quoting a Chinese proverb that to take a thousand-mile journey, one must have to take the first step.

Pakistan has a great cultural heritage that tourists would love to see. It is a country where you can enjoy four seasons. It also has a diversity of landscapes, most beautiful lakes and you can even get the chance to climb the world’s highest peaks in Pakistan. Pakistan is a beautiful country, and its northern areas are the reason why tourism is at its peak these days. Even the urban areas of Pakistan such as Lahore are a must visit as these cities are full of life and energy. You will get to enjoy a variety of delicious food items, attractive places to visit and Pakistani people are very hospitable; thus they will welcome you with open hearts. Apart from this, you can also get different business opportunities in Pakistan.

Therefore, with the click of a button, the citizens of 175 countries would be able to submit their documents and details to get the visa. Through this online visa portal, people would also be able to deposit their payment to apply for the visa in Pakistan. It would allow foreigners to get their visa within seven to ten days. Citizens of 175 countries from the world would be able to visit Pakistan by accessing this system via an internet connection. The potential visitors of Pakistan won’t have to submit lengthy paperwork to apply for the online visa. The online system has introduced 12 different visa categories and policies. In addition to this, a visa on arrival facility has been preserved for tourists from 50 countries, whereas it is also available for people doing in business in Pakistan from 96 countries. The validity of the visa is five years, and one-year stay visas would also be available for foreigners and their spouses who have Pakistan origins. For more information about the new online visa for Pakistan visit the official website of NADRA.
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